• Beetle Flasher Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1968 VW Beetle from a neighbor down the road. I have never really been a “car guy”, but I do like working on things, and this seemed like a fun project. While parts of it have been more “fun” than anticipated (so much rust…), I have gotten to actually accomplish a few things. I wanted to get the car drivable ASAP so I can actually enjoy it a bit rather than just work on it. Luckily, it runs quite well and only has a few holes in the floor. The main thing I needed to fix was the signals…

  • Kombucha Round 1

    I have finally gotten my first batch of Kombucha under my belt and am well on my way to a regular brewing cycle. I am happy to report that the starter kit I got worked fantastically and produced a tasty product. However, there are certainly improvements to be had and my second batch came out better than the first!

  • Kombucha Terminology (and planning a first homebrew)

    For Christmas this year, I received a Kombucha homebrewing kit. I had heard of kombucha in passing, but hadn’t ever actually tried it before. However, I have done homebrewed beer and sourdough in the past, so I am somewhat familiar with fermented treats. I had always been a bit afraid of trying the kombucha I have seen in stores but getting a chance to make it myself peaked my interest.

  • Linking Alexa with Home Assistant

    While Home Assistant’s app is a great way to manually control automations, I wanted to go full scifi home-from-the-future and add a voice assistant to the mix. Many people rightfully have privacy concerns regarding bringing smart speakers into their homes but I decided that the convenience of a voice assistant outweighed the concerns (real or imagined). Each person should make that determination on their own! Hopefully, there will be an open source alternative that is as easy as dropping some Echo Dots around the house in the future, but the open solutions are just not there yet.

  • Building a Smart Home

    For years, I have generally been of the opinion that the “Internet of Things” is mostly a way to introduce a lot of vulnerabilities into a home network for dubious gain. Especially since most smart home systems I had seen involved a number of manufacturer specific apps that didn’t really seem to communicate together. Why spend extra to have 20 more apps on my phone that only worked when the internet did?